नेपाल भाषा

Introduction to the Newari Language

  • Number of Speakers: 840,000
  • Spoken in: Nepal
  • Language Family: Sino-Tibetan
  • Writing System: Devanagari

Nepal Bhasa (also known as Newari) is one of the major languages of Nepal, and is also spoken in India, particularly in Sikkim. It is spoken mainly by the Newars, who chiefly inhabit the towns of the Kathmandu Valley.

Study Nepal Bhasa Online

These are some online resources for learning Newari. They are listed roughly in order from beginner to advanced. Some are free, many offer free trials or paid upgrades. I try to let you know what and how much you can learn for free and what else you can get if you decide to pay (and how much that extra will cost). I want to include as much depth and variety as possible with these links. If you know of a good website for learning Newari that you think I should add, then please leave a link in the comments at the bottom of this page. (That way others don’t have to wait for my next page update to visit your link!)

Wikipedia – नेपाल भाषा
Improve your Nepal Bhasa language skills by reading the Newari language version of Wikipedia.

Learn Newari with Books & Software